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Keen to try out a new camera, which has ultra fast auto focus, we were wondering how to put it through it's paces; it's not something you usually need at a wedding unless the dancing gets crazy!  Our friend Jane, who teaches with K9 TrainTime, very helpfully suggested we might want to join their dog training classes, Rally and Agility, hosted at Walnut Tree Farm in St Bride's, Wentlooge.  We jumped at the opportunity because, as well as being a good test for fast focusing action shots.....

Bill concentrating on getting to that treat

..... we hope you'll agree there was a chance of some adorable resting shots too.  A portrait is a portrait after all, regardless of how much hair your subject has, and our canine friends have the advantage of not feeling self conscious when someone points a camera at them.  Just the opposite in fact, and the biggest problem was stopping them investigating the kit, which had the double disadvantage of putting them inside the possible focusing distance and adding the occasional smear to the lens from a wet nose!

We would like to extend a big thank you to Jane, Shaun, Kayleigh and all their clients who tolerated our intrusion, especially if we caused any distractions during test time.  Hopefully the photos will make up for any inconvenience, and we would love to come again if you'll have us.  Our only disappointment for the day was that we were the only ones who didn't earn a rosette.  I'll just have to take my two dogs along and try to earn one properly (although they are undoubtedly badly behaved compared to the stars of the day).

Here's a few more of the shots, which we hope you enjoy, and you can click on any of them to see the full gallery, download them or order prints.



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