Maddy and Gez Pre-Wedding Shoot Highlights

July 22, 2016  •  1 Comment

As the day scheduled for our pre-wedding shoot with Madelene and Geraint dawned, it was apparent that the Welsh summer had gone on holiday.  Despite the forecast being that it would get worse rather than better, our intrepid couple decided to go ahead.  We met them at the lovely Duffryn Gardens, where Geraint had proposed, and proceeded to have as much fun as it is possible to have on a soggy Sunday afternoon....colouring in and dancing in the rain.  Thank you to both of them for braving it out, as we think it produced some memorable images which remind us all that we should occasionally forget to be sensible adults.  We are really looking forward to lots more dancing at their wedding at the end of August. 

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MaddyandGeraint-11MaddyandGeraint-11 MaddyandGeraint-39MaddyandGeraint-39 MaddyandGeraint-37MaddyandGeraint-37 MaddyandGeraint-94MaddyandGeraint-94 MaddyandGeraint-80MaddyandGeraint-80 MaddyandGeraint-116MaddyandGeraint-116 MaddyandGeraint-120MaddyandGeraint-120 MaddyandGeraint-136MaddyandGeraint-136 MaddyandGeraint-141MaddyandGeraint-141 MaddyandGeraint-138MaddyandGeraint-138 MaddyandGeraint-152MaddyandGeraint-152 MaddyandGeraint-159MaddyandGeraint-159






Bob Shepherd(non-registered)
Wonderful captures of the spirit of their relationship.
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