Sheil and Kunaal Wedding Highlights

July 23, 2016  •  1 Comment

We received a fantastic welcome in Mauritius for the wedding of Sheilveena and Kunaal, and have memories and friends that will last a lifetime.  We have to start by saying a huge thank you to both their families for making us feel like we were honoured guests rather than working ... and for the continuous supply of delicious home cooked food. 

We think you'll agree that the bride looked gorgeous in her array of saris and lenghas, and the groom mixed tradition with suave sophistication in a very sharp suit.

As the wedding celebrations covered four days there are simply too many lovely images to include here, and there will be further blog entries in the near future, but here is a selection to whet your appetite.

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Wowwww... Stunning all the pictures..
I so love them.. All my best wishes to the new couple..

Cheers.. <3
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