Amy and Clyne Wedding

August 11, 2017  •  1 Comment

Court Colman Manor was the venue for the wedding of Amy and Clyne on a rain and shine day, but no amount of drizzle could dampen the spirits of family and friends on this special occasion.  We had spent a wonderful afternoon getting to know them and their great children at Bracelet Bay, at the Mumbles, for their pre-wedding photo session, and were welcomed like old friends on their wedding day - especially by Casey, who was thrilled that her leg was no longer in plaster!  Amy and Clyne's wedding was one of fun and laughter throughout, and was made even more special when each of the children gave speeches at the reception.  Many congratulations to them both, and may the rest of their marriage be as happy as their wedding day.

Don't Forget - To see more of the highlights gallery, click on any of the photographs below.

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