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Wow - The West of England Wedding Show

October 15, 2015

A big hello to all those we met at The West of England Wedding Show, organised by Gary and Ruth at Perfect Wedding Shows.  Thanks to those of you who booked our services for the future - we look forward to recording those special memories - as well as to all those who spent time discussing our photography.  A special mention must also be given to Jason and Anesha at Tux & Tails Gentlemen's Tailors, and Fiona at Emerald and Jade Flowers - fellow Show participants, who provide amazing services on a very personal level, and of the highest quality. Use the clickable links for more information.

We were also honoured to be asked to photograph the fashion show by the organisers, so please enjoy the images below, and click on any of the images to see the full gallery, and gain inspiration for your forthcoming wedding!

If you require quality wedding photography, with a friendly personal touch, get in touch with us at Lumaluma Photography - enjoy the show!

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