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Aimee and Alex Wedding Highlights

September 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

What the wedding day of Aimee and Alex lacked in good weather, was more than made up for in fun!  Alex - usually seen in the wilds of the countryside carrying whole trees on each shoulder - has a guilty secret known only to a special few.  His favourite film (one of his favourites, he says!) is Love Actually, so Aimee had secretly arranged for the Love Actually Experience to be waiting in the wings for the end of the ceremony.  To Alex's surprise and amazement, the singers and congregation sprang to life with All You Need is Love. Once Alex was aware that he didn't have to sing, there was a noticeable sigh of relief, and he joined in with the party atmosphere.  The fun continued at the Caldicot Castle reception with time for the guests to explore the Castle, enjoy the speeches and have a wonderful evening celebration with friends and family - despite the soggy conditions!

To see more of the highlights gallery, click on any of the photographs below.


AimeeAndAlexLR-3AimeeAndAlexLR-3 AimeeAndAlexLR-7AimeeAndAlexLR-7 AimeeAndAlexLR-10AimeeAndAlexLR-10 AimeeAndAlexLR-13AimeeAndAlexLR-13 AimeeAndAlexLR-14AimeeAndAlexLR-14 AimeeAndAlexLR-20AimeeAndAlexLR-20 AimeeAndAlexLR-21AimeeAndAlexLR-21 AimeeAndAlexLR-22AimeeAndAlexLR-22 AimeeAndAlexLR-25AimeeAndAlexLR-25

AimeeAndAlexLR-27AimeeAndAlexLR-27 AimeeAndAlexLR-28AimeeAndAlexLR-28

AimeeAndAlexLR-31AimeeAndAlexLR-31 AimeeAndAlexLR-38AimeeAndAlexLR-38 AimeeAndAlexLR-42AimeeAndAlexLR-42

AimeeAndAlexLR-43AimeeAndAlexLR-43 AimeeAndAlexLR-56AimeeAndAlexLR-56 AimeeAndAlexLR-61AimeeAndAlexLR-61

AimeeAndAlexLR-75AimeeAndAlexLR-75 AimeeAndAlexLR-76AimeeAndAlexLR-76 AimeeAndAlexLR-80AimeeAndAlexLR-80 AimeeAndAlexLR-82AimeeAndAlexLR-82 AimeeAndAlexLR-87AimeeAndAlexLR-87



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